Research Area

• Local administration and Decentralization
• Inter-Korea Exchange and Cooperation
• Local public Finance
• Safety and Disaster management


Degree Name Contact works
Director/ Research Fellow Jeon, Sunghun +82)31-8073-8355
• Local administration
• Resident autonomy
Research Fellow Ahn, Jiho +82)31-8073-8352
• Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation
• Innovation policy
Research Fellow Suk, Howon +82)31-8073-8354
• Analysis of local finance
• Intergovernmental grants system
Associate Research Fellow Lee, Jungchul +82)31-8073-8353
• Citizen safety policy
• Mangement of natural disasters, social disaster
Visiting Principal Research Fellow Lee, Changkyun +82)31-8073-8381
• Research of financial decentralization for cities with over 500,000 of population
• Metropolitan system studies