A Proposal Study on the Space under Overpasses Redevelopment Project in Goyang City

  • date 2020년 04월 30일
  • Author LeeYoung Kim


(Consigned research)A Study of the Establishment of Criteria for Evaluation of Regulatory damage in Border region of the Metropolitan Area

  • date 2019년 04월 11일
  • Author HyunJung Lee


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13 Research on Introduction Strategy of low Impact development (LID) in Goyang City [1] Basic research Jiyeol Im 2019 다운로드 1710 not for sale
12 Policy Development Research for the Fostering of Goyang Digital Contents Industry Basic research HyunJung Lee 2019 다운로드 1711 not for sale
11 A Study on the Effective Operation System of Disaster Management in Goyang City Basic research Jungchul Lee 2019 다운로드 1500 not for sale
10 A Study on the Local Government's Big Data Utilization Strategies Basic research Shinhee Yun 2019 다운로드 1467 not for sale
9 A Study on Promoting Goyang City As the Standard South-North City Basic research Jiho Ahn 2019 다운로드 1357 not for sale
8 A Study on the Structural Characteristics of Tourism industry in Goyang City Basic research Sooyeop Song 2019 다운로드 2013 not for sale
7 Asymmetrical impacts of local revenue variation on local governement expenditure sectors Basic research Howon Suk 2019 다운로드 1399 not for sale
6 A Study on the Procedures and Countermeasures for Railway Project in Goyang City Basic research Joohyun Baek 2019 다운로드 1482 not for sale
5 A Study on the Characteristics of National Subsidies in Goyang City Basic research Jonghyok Park 2019 다운로드 1445 not for sale
4 Active Ageing Study I: A Study on the Living Conditions of Middle-aged in Goyang City Basic research Junghwa Moon 2019 다운로드 1490 not for sale