Research on Result Report and Improvement Plans of Goyang International City Forum

Author Jiyeol Im Sortation Current issues research
Month 2019-12-16 Original 다운로드
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3 Research on Introduction Strategy of low Impact development (LID) in Goyang City [1] 기본연구 Jiyeol Im 2019 다운로드 1710 not for sale
2 A Research on the design criteria of green building and housing in Goyang city 정책연구 Jiyeol Im 外 2019 다운로드 1738 not for sale
1 Research on improvement of recyclable waste collection system in Goyang city: case research of detached and multiplex house area 정책연구 Jiyeol Im 外 2019 다운로드 1534 not for sale